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Hawaii Kai Real Estate

Milk is expensive in Hawaii and it’s sometimes hard to find items you want to buy, but other than that, it’s downright delightful to live in Hawaii. A gorgeous beach is easily accessible no matter where you are and the weather is warm and inviting most of the year.

Whether you’re moving to Hawaii from the mainland or looking to move closer to Honolulu, you’ll need to learn a bit about potential neighborhoods to find the right fit for you.

Check out this guide for the answers to all your burning questions about Hawaii Kai.

The Origins of Hawaii Kai

Back in the day, Hawaii Kai was a wetlands area known as Kapuā, which means “fishpond wall”. The name came from the area’s position around the old Maunalua fishpond.

Around 1959, work began to dredge the famed Hawai’i Kai Marina, also known as Koko Marina. Dredging turned the wetlands into fingers of land and islands surrounded by channels of water. This land was turned into usable property, mostly residential, and Hawaii Kai was born.

Now the neighborhood encompasses these tracts of land as well as extends into the valleys and ridges of Oahu.

If you’re moving to Honolulu, Hawaii Kai is a great option if you don’t want to be right in the hustle and bustle of the city. It’s only about 12 miles away, allowing for easy access even when the freeways are busy.

Neighborhoods in Hawaii Kai

Perhaps the most compelling residences of Hawaii Kai are those located on the marina in communities like Spinnaker Isle, Anchorage, and Luna Kai.  Luxury estates whose backyards are literally the ocean would turn anyone’s head.

However, Hawaii Kai offers a lot of options for both waterfront properties as well as more elevated properties with breathtaking views up on the surrounding ridges.

Portlock is an area that also offers oceanfront homes, but these have the added benefit of having a backyard and the ocean just beyond. The fact that Hawai’i Kai’s developer, Henry Kaiser, decided to live here speaks volumes about its appeal.

For greener pastures, check out places like Laulima, Queens Gate, and Koko Villas where homes are located on the Hawai’i Kai Golf Course.

In places like Mariner’s Ridge and Napali Haweo, residents can enjoy the cooler climates of the ridges and look out over the stunning view that is Hawaii Kai.

Ways to Play in Hawaii Kai

The homes in Hawaii Kai are tantalizing enough that most people will be ready to move in after taking their first drive around the area. However, you won’t want to be at home all the time so let’s look at what there is to do.

Don’t worry, there is no shortage of enticing activities.

Parks and Recreation

It’s Hawaii, so obviously you’re going to want to get outside and enjoy the wonderful weather. In fact, outdoor exercise and activities are a big part of the culture in Hawaii Kai.

With all the parks, recreation spaces, and wide sidewalks that are perfect for walking and jogging, people are always out and about enjoying the great outdoors. The Koko Head District Park offers a fantastic rec center with tennis, badminton, basketball, and volleyball courts. Plus, all sorts of fitness classes are offered on a regular basis.

Even if you aren’t a big outdoor exercise person, you just might become one after moving to Hawaii Kai — a big plus for your health.


There’s a lot of water in Hawaii Kai, so it only makes sense that water sports are everywhere. From snorkeling in the famous Hanauma Bay to sailing, kayaking, and waterskiing, you can do just about any activity that involves water.

Golf Courses

The Hawaii Kai Golf Course is as stunning as only a Hawaiian golf course can be. The rolling green is dotted with the occasional tree and offers an ocean view beautiful enough to make you want to work on your golf game every day.

Shopping and Restaurants

You can’t talk about shopping centers in Hawaii Kai without mentioning the Koko Marina. Within this massive shopping center, you’ll find over 70 stores — and that’s not including the restaurants and eateries.

Catch a movie at the arena’s theater or meet a friend for lunch. Whatever the purpose of your visit, the shopping center almost certainly has what you need.

A little further to the west, you’ll find two more shopping centers, Hawaii Kai Shopping Center and Hawaii Kai Towne Center. Both offer a wide range of services, stores (including grocery stores and pharmacies), and yummy eats.

If you’re looking for something specific, you’ll most likely find it in one of these epic shopping centers.

Living in Hawaii Kai

Hawaii Kai has a distinctly family-oriented atmosphere. Instead of bustling nightlife bars lining every street, the city has parks and rec centers, including a plethora of sports leagues for kids, encouraging people to get outside.


If top-quality healthcare is high on your “moving to Oahu” list of priorities, Hawaii Kai is an excellent choice. All three major medical providers in Hawaii — Queen’s, Kaiser, and Straub — have offices in the area. Chances are, you won’t even have to leave the area to get the medical attention you need.


As an extremely family-oriented community, schools are a high priority and they certainly don’t disappoint. There are several public schools available for elementary, middle, and high school and they are all considered excellent schools.

Settling in Hawaii Kai

Does this sound like an impossible dream? That’s a hard “no”.

Many people are already living the dream and you can too! Hawaii Kai is a gorgeous place to raise a family and you will appreciate all there is to see and do.

Your Best Choice Realtor in Hawaii Kai

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