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Ewa Beach Realtor

Is living in Hawaii your dream?

The Aloha State isn’t exactly known for its inexpensive real estate (or anything, really), but as far as a great place to live, it’s hard to beat. The weather is balmy all year round, you’re always close to the beach and the pineapple is to die for. Though Hawaii is relatively small (6,423.4 square miles to be exact), there are a variety of neighborhoods offering different vibes for newcomers to choose from. Today, let’s check out Ewa Beach.

Easy Access to Honolulu

Ewa Beach is a quiet community perfect for residents who want to live a bit outside the hustle and bustle of the city. For a big shopping trip or a night on the town, it’s about 45 minutes to get to Honolulu. However, there is plenty to see and do in Ewa Beach so traveling to the city often isn’t necessary.

As the name suggests, Ewa Beach is right on the ocean, making it a perfect community for those who want to live on the beach, but not quite in the busy heart of Waikiki. The community offers modestly-priced real estate (for Hawaii) and newer homes. This means most homes offer 3-4 bedrooms, at least 2 bathrooms, enclosed garages, and the sidewalks are large and perfect for taking your dog or your kids for an afternoon stroll. Its close proximity to Schofield Barracks makes it a great option for service members to buy or rent a home when they come to Hawaii.

Neighborhoods in Ewa Beach

Hoakelei is a desirable neighborhood with many homes having a view over the famed Hoakelei Golf Course. Many luxury homes in Hoakelei also benefit from an array of amenities like community centers, pools, and a private lagoon. Hoopili offers more affordable real estate and a wide variety of options. This is a younger neighborhood, but there are plenty of retail and dining establishments coming to the area, making it a happening spot.

Ocean Pointe is a delightful spot that offers some jaw-dropping living opportunities. People love the area for its amazing curb appeal. Most homes have air conditioning and two-car garages. This is only a sampling of the areas available in Ewa Beach. The community is small, but tight-knit and homes (and their prices) offer something for everyone!


What is there to do in Ewa Beach? We’re so glad you asked! Islanders who haven’t been to Ewa Beach in a while will tell you there isn’t much happening here, but that has all changed in recent years. The neighborhoods of Ewa Beach are filled with parks, swimming pools, and other community attractions that offer plenty of things to do for both families and as a weekend getaway. Because of its location on the beach, there are a plethora of water activities available. Go snorkeling, sailing, waterskiing, surfing, boogie boarding, and more. Head inland for some gorgeous hiking and biking opportunities, the beach isn’t the only thing that’s breathtaking in Hawaii. To learn about the area’s sugar plantation history, you can go on a 90-minute train ride. It’s kind of a touristy thing to do, but definitely worth doing at least once if you’re new to the area. There’s ice cream at the end of the ride!

Pearl Harbor is about half an hour away and a visit to the museum is a great way to spend an afternoon and take in a bit of history. Catch a movie at Olino by Consolidated. The posh new theater features reclining leather seats for enjoying the hottest new hits in comfort. Of course, it wouldn’t be Hawaii with lush green golf courses and Ewa Beach has several to offer. Check out the Ewa Beach Golf Club, Coral Creek Golf Course, or the sprawling Hawaii Prince Golf Club, among others.

Shopping and Restaurants

A big shopping center Ka Makana Ali’i was built and welcomed big anchor stores like Macy’s, Old Navy, Sephora, and Bath and Body Works. Restaurants have flooded the area with delightful eats such as the Kountry Style Kitchen, the California Pizza Kitchen, the Spoon Korean Kitchen, and the crowd-pleasing favorite, the Cheesecake Factory. For additional shopping options, a new shopping center in Kapolei, a fast-growing town known as “the second city of Oahu”, is just 6 miles away. Tucked over on the west side of town, you can find big stores like Costco and Target without having to go to Honolulu.


Ewa Beach’s position on the leeward side of the island means it doesn’t get hammered by Hawaii’s famous trade winds. Instead, residents enjoy steady temperatures in the 80s, not too much humidity, and lots and lots of sunshine! The “winter” months bring a bit more rain and lower temperatures, maybe even down to the lower 60s on a particularly cool morning!


Families will be happy to hear there are a variety of schooling options to choose from in Ewa Beach. In addition to a handful of public schools, there are a few private options (both Christian and Catholic). The area is also home to the University of Hawaii’s West Oahu campus for those seeking higher education.


The Queen’s Medical Center West Oahu is located here in Ewa Beach. If you’re not familiar with Hawaii, Queen’s is one of the big medical providers on Oahu. This means easy access to an emergency room and quality medical care. There are also smaller doctor and dentist practices scattered around town. For more ancient healing arts, check out West Oahu Acupuncture and Integrative Medicine.

Moving to Ewa Beach?

There is a lot more we could say, but we’ll stop there for now. If you’re intrigued about Ewa Beach, why not come and check it out for yourself? We’re certain you’ll love it here!

When it comes to buying or selling your property in Ewa Beach, look no further than Weaver Hawaii. We’re here to help. We will help you reach your property goals, whatever they may be so that you can take control of your future and achieve your real estate goals. Homeownership is more than simply a big life investment. It’s a way in which you can truly call the place you live home. Your home is more than just a purchase, it becomes a reflection of who you are and all of the successes you have achieved.

To find out more about how we can help you, keep on reading.

The Importance of Home Ownership

When looking for an Ewa beach home for sale, it is so important to find a realtor that has your best interests at heart and understands what you wish to gain from the entire process. We understand that buying a home can seem like a daunting task, and we want to provide you with as much help as possible to make the process seem a little easier. And with our high level of expertise, it will certainly feel that way.

We believe that homeownership is so important, breaking you away from the shackles of paying rent and allowing you to show off your hard work. To live without homeownership is to continue to live on someone else’s terms. You will never get the freedom and security that we all desire by continuing to rent. If homeownership has been something you have been considering, now is the time to get started.

Why Choose Us As Your Ewa Beach Realtor?

As a family-run business, you will receive a high level of both commitment and expertise. We place our buyers (or sellers) first, helping you get exactly what you’re looking for. If you’ve been searching for a home for sale in Ewa Beach, you won’t find a better realtor in Ewa Beach than Weaver Hawaii.

We believe home ownership is the most important investment of our lifetimes, and we want to help you achieve this. We focus on the capacity of homeownership in terms of enhancing the financial welfare of each and every one of our clients. If you are in a position where buying a home is possible for you, now is the time to take it and get yourself on the property ladder, completely on your terms, without having to rely on unreliable landlords.

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To find the best house for sale Ewa Beach has to offer, get in touch. Our family-run business grew out of a passion for real estate sales, and this is clearly reflected in the way we operate and work with our customers. To become a homeowner yourself, and take advantage of all that that entails, don’t hesitate to reach out.

If you have any further questions regarding our business, buying or selling your property, or any queries about any of our services, please contact us. We would be happy to answer any questions you have. We have properties available all over Oahu, Whether you are looking for a realtor in Mililani, a realtor in Kailua, or a realtor in Hawaii Kai, you’ve come to the right place. We have many available property listings available on our website or use our contact information to get in touch with us.