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Diamond Head Real Estate

Living in Diamond Head

Hawaii is a dream vacation destination for many people, but 1.5 million Americans call it home. While it is one of the more expensive places to live, it has also been named one of the most pristine. Its year-round sunshine, proximity to the beach, and abundant culture make it an ideal place to settle down and finally buy your dream home. While many tourists frequent locations such as Honolulu or Oahu, when it comes time to buy a home, you may want to narrow it down to one of Hawaii’s many different neighborhoods. Each offers a unique lifestyle and finding the right one is essential before deciding on your dream home in paradise.

Today let’s look at the Diamond Head neighborhood. This neighborhood is most distinctly known for the Diamond Head Crater. This creator is so dynamic it caught the attention of explorers in the 1700’s. These explorers found glimmering crystals they mistakenly believed to be diamonds, giving this one of a kind landmark its name. The Diamond Head neighborhood has always been a prominent location for Hawaii” s Luxury home market. You will find million-dollar beach estates and beautiful bungalows. Because of its prestige and natural beauty, Celebrities and Royals have owned homes here for decades.

It’s white sandy beaches, privacy, and large estates make it a stunning location to buy in Hawaii. If you ever decide to sell your home, the value of properties in the Diamond Head neighborhood have grown despite conditions in other markets. As properties rarely come up for sale, they are guaranteed to go quickly.

Easy Access to the Best of Hawaii

Diamond Head is only 1 mile from the famous Waikiki beach. This means surfing, whale watching, and Hawaiian culture are just steps away. If 1 mile is a little too far, you will find 2 miles of homes right on the white sandy beaches of Diamond Head. Snagging one of these is a dream come true for many.

Diamond Head is also a quick 10 minutes from East Honolulu, where you will find plenty of dining, shopping, and entertainment options.

Neighborhoods in Diamond Head

Diamond Head has been known for years as one of the go-to locations for high-end real estate in Hawaii. With two miles of homes located right on white sandy beaches, it is a prime location. Even the houses not directly on the beach have breathtaking ocean views. Local legislation ensures that each home’s picturesque views won’t be blocked by renovations or construction.

Imagine the beach to the front of your home and the Diamond head crater to the back. The Diamond Head neighborhood is also known to be quiet, with the waves crashing on the shore as the only sound you hear. With million-dollar homes, oceanfront villas, and natural wonders, the Diamond Head neighborhood’s aesthetics are unlike anything else you will find. Waterfront properties are in such high demand that they rarely come on the market. If you see one come up for sale, jump on it quickly. You may not get another chance.

Recreation in Diamond Head

Diamond Head State Monument is one of Hawaii’s most famous landmarks. This landmark is hard to miss, with over 475 acres to explore. It is incredible to think that this creator was created over 300,000 years ago and is now one of the premier destinations for travelers worldwide.

If you decide to become a resident of Diamond Head, this will be your backyard. As a local, you will soon learn that this is the place to catch all the action during the humpback whale season. The Diamond Head lookout offers 360-degree views like no other. After a hike at Diamond Head State Monument, you can head down to the Diamond Head Theatre. The Diamond Head Theatre is unique in that it has been hosting performances consistently for almost 100 years. This makes it the third oldest in the region.

Being so close to Waikiki means access to some unique and beautiful experiences. Some of these include sunset yoga on the beach, authentic Japanese cooking classes, and seaside spas.

Shopping and Restaurants

Diamond Head is home to a great selection of restaurants. Whether you are looking for Japanese street food, fine dining, or drinks by the beach, you will find a delicious option right around the corner. You will also find the KCC farmers market. Here you can buy the freshest local produce and fine locally made housewares and goods.


Because of its location on the island of Oahu, Diamond Head experiences some of the best weather in Hawaii. You can expect sunny skies and perfect 80-degree days year-round.


In Diamond Head, you will find over six schools ranging from preschool all the way up to the University of Hawaii. With its unique location, The University of Hawaii offers its students one of a kind research opportunities and hands-on programs. These features make it one of the most sought-after universities in the U.S for students and staff alike.


Diamond Head is home to many doctors’ offices and specialty care practices. You should be able to find anything you need within a short drive. It is also located a short distance from the main hospital in downtown Oahu.

Moving to Diamond Head?

Diamond Head is a dream location for many. Perfect weather sets the tone for adventures in the sun. Owning a home within walking distance to Diamond Head State Monument and Waikiki means the rare opportunity to be surrounded by natural beauty on all sides. While properties in the Diamond Head neighborhood can be expensive, they also hold their value better than most locations. This makes the purchase of a home in Diamond Head an excellent investment.

Your home will be a sanctuary, and you may never want to leave, but rest assured, there is plenty for you to explore and find in Diamond Head. With close proximity to Honolulu, Oahu, and Waikiki, Diamond Head is the place to be. Add in the white sandy beaches and beautiful volcanic backdrop, and you can’t find a more beautiful location. Investing in a home in Diamond Head Hawaii is worth every penny. It is a lifestyle like no other.

If you’re looking for a Diamond Head realtor, you’ve come to the right place. With a wealth of expertise that helps us provide the best possible services to our customers, there’s no need to look any further. We offer a range of services concerning all things real estate and place our clients at the heart of what we do. Specializing in military home buyers, we use our own experience and background to help our clients as best we can – which is through an award-winning real estate agent in Honolulu!

Becoming a Homeowner in Diamond Head

First-time buyers can take advantage of so much. No more rent payments and unpredictable increases leases lapsing without renewal, dealing with inconsistent landlords… The list goes on. Renting properties can quickly become a black hole of money loss, so if you are in a position where you are able to buy, now is the time.

Becoming a homeowner can mean so many things. As a trusted realtor in Diamond Head, we believe in the power of owning your own property. We wholeheartedly believe homeownership has the capacity to increase your financial welfare. While the concept of ‘home’ is very personal, for many it represents family, and is very often the single largest investment most people will make, it represents so much more.

We want to help people realize the value homeownership has. It provides a place to call home, sure, but more than that it allows you to get your foot on the property ladder, ensures your financial stability, and increases your wealth. If it’s a possible reality for you, we are here to say do it and take advantage of all the benefits it offers.

What An Experienced Diamond Head Realtor Do for You

We offer a range of services, including the buying, selling, and financing of your home. Our family real estate team was born out of a passion for real estate services, so you can count on a personal and familiar touch with our realtors in Diamond Head. When it comes to real estate, having a helping hand is never going to be a bad idea. And why not choose a family-run business that has created many past success stories?

Basically, if you have been considering anything to do with real estate and need a reliable helping hand, you can count on us. We have you and your wants at the heart of what we do, always providing our clients with excellent, high-quality services.

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Though the process can feel overwhelming, we are here to help and provide each of our clients with excellent realtor services in Diamond Head, every single time. Count on us. If you want a Kapolei realtor, a Kaneohe realtor or Mililani realtor you can rely on when you buy or sell a property, contact us through our website or over the phone at (808) 683-2798.