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The Ultimate Guide to Experiencing All That North Shore, Oahu Has to Offer

Learn About the Best Restaurants, Neighborhoods, and Activities in North Shore, Oahu


Thinking of making the move to North Shore, Oahu?


When most people think of North Shore, Oahu, they imagine amazing waves, surfing, and tanning on the beach, but Oahu is SO much more than that! In this helpful guide, we break down the best restaurants, neighborhoods, and activities to experience as a new homeowner in the North Shore, Oahu area.


If you’re thinking about moving to North Shore, Oahu, read on to experience all that North Shore, Oahu life has to offer as a local.

North Shore: Small-Town Feel With Major Surf Events

If you long for the laid back, surf-inspired culture of small-town living, then North Shore is your dream home location. With houses and rentals in the area, you’ll experience a small-town vibe and a surf-centric lifestyle.


Located just 45 minutes from Honolulu, this surf oasis is in close proximity to the pineapple fields of Dole Plantation.  Commonly referred to as the birthplace of big wave surfing, the North Shore is home to major surfing competitions like the Vans Triple Crown and Billabong Pipe Masters.


The area of North Shore, Oahu comprises many neighboring towns, including Haleiwa, Pupukea, Kahuku, Laie, and Hauula. While the North Shore of Oahu can be expensive, its chill vibe and small-town charm offer a comfortable lifestyle that most people crave.


Homes in North Shore range from plantation-style and luxury-style oceanfront property to gated townhomes and condos. If you’re looking for resort living, you’ll find a wide range of condos for sale in Kuilima Estates at Turtle Bay Resort.

What’s The Weather Like in North Shore, Oahu?

The yearly average temperature is around eighty degrees, making it a perfect destination for beach lovers, surfers, and the like. Winter is the rainy season where it rains almost every day, although only for a few minutes at a time.

Fun Things To Do In North Shore, Oahu

No doubt about it, if you’re an ocean lover, North Shore, Oahu is for you. However, there is more to do than just sit on the beach.

Go Shopping in Haleiwa

If you love nothing more than experiencing small-town shops, then Haleiwa is the place to be. Filled with tons of tiny shops, bakeries, art galleries, and food trucks, it’s a great way to spend the day.

Go Turtle Watching at Laniakea Beach

Although the beach itself isn’t all that impressive, that’s not the major draw to this location. Thanks to the abundance of seaweed, you’re almost positive to spot a Hawaiian green sea turtle or two munching away on some lunch.

Snorkeling at Sharks Cove

Don’t let the name scare you. When the water is calm during the summer months, you can swim among the coral and other sea life in this clear bay between the Waimea Bay and the Banzai Pipeline. The water is only 8 – 15 feet deep, so it’s perfect for snorkeling with the kids. Just make sure to bring your own gear.

Soak Up Some Culture

Take in the culture of Hawaii at the Polynesian Cultural Center. Keep a day open to visit this cultural experience. With 42 acres of land, you’ll love soaking up the Polynesian culture through their small villages, canoe trips, and authentic luaus.

Observe Nature at Waimea Valley

With over 5,000 tropical plants, you’re sure to see one-of-a-kind foliage at Waimea Valley’s tropical reserve. It is home to 1,500 acres of lush tropical landscapes and offers family-friendly activities. Take time hiking trails, exploring nature, and participating in crafts.

Waimea Falls

From Waimea Valley, you can see the picture-perfect island oasis that is Waimea Falls. Surrounded by foliage from the rainforest, it’s a perfect spot to take a dip and grab a couple of selfies.

Dole Plantation

Family-friendly doesn’t even begin to define one of Oahu’s premier tourist destinations. Complete with a pineapple maze and other fun activities, you’re sure to love it.

Places to Eat in North Shore, Oahu

Whether you’re a food truck junky or a restaurant connoisseur, you’ll find plenty of great places to eat in the North Shore. There is an abundance of choices of fresh cuisine at any time of day. Here are just some of the choices available as a local.

Matsumoto Shave Ice

Families from all over the North Shore come to get their shave ice fix at Matsumoto Shave Ice. Located in Haleiwa. This spot is a staple of the North Shore experience. You can expect to wait in long lines, but you’ll get affordable prices and lots of flavor combinations to choose.

Giovanni’s Shrimp Truck

Whoever said you can’t get fresh food from a truck obviously has never been to Giovanni’s Shrimp Truck. This food truck staple is located in Haleiwa and is a North Shore favorite with the locals. The most talked-about dish is their garlic shrimp with a side of rice.

Killer Tacos Inc

With a name like Killer Tacos Inc, it has to be good. Located in Haleiwa, this joint serves over-the-counter Mexican fare in a well-conditioned atmosphere. It has been called the best Mexican food in Oahu. Don’t pass it up.

Haleiwa Joe’s

Located in…you guessed it, Haleiwa (notice a theme here?) this spot offers a beachy vibe and fantastic views. They offer authentic seafood and steak and make some great cocktails.

Sprout Sandwich Shop

If you’re a health nut and love a good sandwich, then Sprout Sandwich Shop is a great place to check out! Located in Haleiwa, they offer healthy options and light fare food.

Beet Box Cafe

For those of the vegan or vegetarian persuasion, you’ll love the Beet Box Cafe. Their menu features burritos, salads, smoothies, and more. Located in Haleiwa, you’ll love their healthy flavors.

Haleiwa Beach House

A local favorite for seafood, the Haleiwa Beach House offers open-air seating and two bars. Located in Haleiwa, you’ll love the cool breeze as you sip on margaritas.

Become a Local and Live the North Shore Experience

While the homes on the North Shore are expensive, it’s with good reason. They offer solace from Honolulu’s busy hum-drum and offer small-town living with the best surfing locations on earth.


If you dream of owning a piece of the North Shore life, reach out to see how we can help you find some fabulous properties.

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