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How to Sell Your Home in Hawaii

If you’ve made the life-changing decision to sell your home in Hawaii, you might be thinking to yourself “Help! I don’t know the first thing about how to sell my home in Honolulu!”


That’s why we’re here today to talk you through the process of selling your Honolulu home.


The housing market can seem daunting at the best of times, but it’s surprisingly easy to navigate once you know the ins and outs of the legal and financial processes of selling your home.


So, sit back, grab a drink, and let’s chat about how to sell your home in Hawaii.


Your First Realtor Appointment

At our first appointment, we’ll talk about your home, its key features, and who’s on the title cards. We’ll also need to know if you have any concerns about your property that might make it harder for us to sell. This is a great opportunity to get all of your selling questions answered, and for us to address any of your concerns about tax, residency, and fees before we list it on the market.


Pricing Your Home

Once we know more about you and your property, we’ll undertake a comparative market analysis (CMA) on your home. This means we’ll look at comparable homes in the area that have recently been sold, what’s currently on the market, and any adjustments we might need to make to the price of your home for improvements.


Photographing Your Home

Once we’ve reached a price you’re happy to list your property for, it’s time to stage your home to show it off to potential buyers. This is something that most realtors will be happy to help you with, but you’re also welcome to go the DIY route. Once you’ve got your photographs, remember that you’re going to have to keep the house in a similar condition throughout the selling process.


Marketing Your Home

Your Honolulu realtor will ideally have years of experience in marketing and selling properties just like yours, so they’ll already have plenty of ideas in mind for how to talk about and show your home in the best possible light. However, before the “For Sale” sign goes up, you’ll have a chance to talk to your realtor about what kind of buyers they’re expecting to be interested and how to tailor to their needs.


Prepare Your Home

The “For Sale” sign is up on your front lawn, and you’ll be hoping that every call that comes from your realtor now is saying that someone’s made an offer.


However, before you get too excited, it’s important to realize that you still need to keep your house in good condition ready for potential viewings. After all, you only have one chance to make a good impression!


Our advice to sellers is always to use the selling process to declutter their home, or at the very least, start packing up their belongings in preparation to move. Not only does this help you get a head start on arguably the worst part of moving house, but buyers won’t want to see your shelves littered with old Lego toys.


That’s not to say you should get rid of everything – buyers still want to see that a home is well-loved and that there’s room for all of their things. At this point, you want to put yourself in your target buyer’s shoes and ask yourself what you’d like to see in a house you were interested in.


We also recommend that you consider the five senses when you’re preparing your home for viewings, as this will help your buyers feel comfortable. A subtle scented candle goes a long way to relax your buyers (and you!).


Great News! You’ve Received an Offer!

Receiving your first offer is an awesome first step but unfortunately, the sale’s not closed yet. When you receive an offer, we’ll call you immediately so we can discuss the next steps. One of the hardest things to remember when you’re selling your home is that there are buyers out there who will send in lowball offers or demand that you spend thousands on your home in return for them offering the going price.


Of course, there are also buyers who may put in lower offers because they have legitimate concerns about your home and the work they’ll need to do to it.


At the end of the day, whether you accept a buyer’s offer is up to you. However, we’ll be here to talk you through their offer and what it means to you. We’ll handle all the negotiations for you and protect your best interests when we talk to potential buyers, so you don’t need to worry about a thing.


In these situations, buyers can (and do) come back with a higher offer, or they’re willing to negotiate their conditions. However, many also take the rejection and move on.


I’ve Accepted an Offer!



Whether it’s been days, weeks, or months, the perfect buyer has arrived and fallen in love with your home. Once you’ve accepted their offer, we’ll help you through all of the paperwork. Once your home is in escrow, we’ll re-appraise your house to confirm the purchase price, prepare all the reports you need, and make sure the buyer’s requests are satisfied before we close the sale.


Once your sale is closed, and you’ve drunk a suitable amount of Champagne to celebrate, we’ll be on hand to answer any of your questions until contracts are finalized and you’ve moved into your new home.


Sell Your Home in Honolulu with Weaver Hawaii

At Weaver Hawaii, we’ve got collective decades of experience in the real estate industry, and we’ve many people like you sell their homes. We’ll be alongside you every step of the way and on hand to answer any of your questions. If you’ve been thinking about selling your Hawaii home, get in touch with our friendly team of realtors today and we’d be happy to talk you through your options.






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